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Clinical Responsibilities

Since July of 2003, the LSU-Shreveport Colon and Rectal Surgery Residency Program have adhered to an 80 hour work week.  The fellows keep track of their own hours and report them to the Resident Coordinator, Cassie Phillips.  Call schedules are prepared monthly by Dr. Grimes and residents can take call from home and will always have a faculty member to call for back up if needed.

  • Residents are expected to make Inpatient Rounds twice daily.
  • A complete morning progress note and a brief evening note are to be written in the patient's chart.
  • The residents will frequently communicate with other physicians in order to coordinate proper patient care.
  • Residents are responsible for consult notes on patients seen either in the emergency room or in a hospital consultation.
  • Residents are responsible for discharge summaries and admission history & physical on patients not previously seen in the group office. Patients seen pre-operatively in the office will have a complete office note dictated by the faculty.  The faculty will dictate their own operative notes.

The number of vacation weeks that can be utilized is currently four weeks per year and will need approval by LSU-Shreveport.  Vacations may be taken in weekly increments and scheduling will be worked out with the program director.  Board review courses and/or job interviews are accomplished using vacation time.  Residents will attend the ASCRS annual meeting at the expense of the program, hopefully as presenters. This time off to attend this meeting will not count as vacation time.